Florence is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. For the last 20 years that I have lived in PNW, I have had opportunities to buy a number of properties, from single family homes, condos, townhomes to multi family residential units. I have worked with many different agents all along, while all of them are professional but their sole goal is to make a quick sale and as a seller/buyer you have to look out for yourself. Florence is different, she recently helped us close in on a house in Snohomish.  What stood out for us:
  • Florence is fast, she will let us know as soon as the property is listed and if we were interested she will get all the necessary details (including from the listing agent) within an hour or two. Speed is of the essence in this market.
  • She will prepare offers quickly and get them going within an hour or two after we have agreed to terms and details.
  • She watched our back and negotiated hard on our behalf where needed (even though we were not expecting it).
  • She kept us in the loop throughout the process and she was always fast to reply to messages and phone calls.
Overall, Florence is fast, efficient, a good negotiator and above all honest. Once, she pulled us back from making an offer on a multi unit building as the math won’t add up. In hindsight she was right and saved us major headache down the line, no agent in my 20 years of dealing in real estate has never told me to not put an offer especially when it is an offer that is very competitive and would have landed her five figure commission $$’s. Florence selflessly put our interest in mind compared to her, such acts of unselfishness are rare in the real estate world.
I believe we have finally found an agent we can work with for all our residential and multi family real estate dealing in PNW.